Compatible Laptop Adaptor

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  • Silent operation, low ripple noise
  • 3-pin AC power input
  • High-efficiency power conversion
  • Protection from Over Current & Voltage
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low input voltage support


Model Part Power Connector
LAP-0002 FTDL195462-90W 90W DC tips 7.4×5.0mm with pin
LAP-0003 FTLOV20325-65W 65W DC tips USB
LAP-0004 FTPH19474-90W 90W DC tips 7.4×5.0mm with pin
LAP-0005 FTDL195334-65W 65W DC tips 4.5×3.0mm with pin
LAP-0006 FTDL195231-45W 45W DC tips 4.5×3.0mm with pin
LAP-0007 FTPH65W 65W DC tips 4.5×3.0mm with pin
LAP-0008 FTPH18535-65W 65W DC tips 7.4×5.0mm with pin
LAP-0009 FTIB20V325-65W 65W DC tips 7.9×5.5mm with pin
LAP-0010 FTSAM19316-65W 65W DC tips 5.5×3.0mm with pin
LAP-0011 FTPH18535-65W 65W DC tips 4.8×1.7mm
LAP-0012 FTTOS19342-65W 65W DC tips 5.5×2.5mm
LAP-0013 FTACR19342-65W 65W DC tips 5.5×1.7mm
LAP-0014 FTLOVYS20324-65W 65W DC tips 5.5×2.5mm
LAP-0015 FTPH158-30W 30W DC tips 4.0×1.7mm
LAP-0016 FTACR19158-30W 30W DC tips 5.5×1.7mm
LAP-0017 FTLOV202-40W 40W DC tips 5.5×2.5mm

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